• Does GeoBulk provide addresses outside of the United States?

    Not at this time.
  • How can I check my daily usage?

    Click here or the "Check Usage" link at the top of the page.
  • Does GeoBulk provide an "unlimited" plan?

    For unlimited usage, you have two options: Either we can provide paid Amazon EC2 AMIs -- which you can rent by the hour, or we can provide a prepaid hosted solution on our side.

    Contact support@geobulk.com for more info.
  • Can I host my own GeoBulk server?

    We can provide paid Amazon EC2 AMIs, which you can rent by the hour.

    Contact support@geobulk.com for more info.
  • Why does GeoBulk provide an address range along with a specific address?

    GeoBulk maps a latitude/longitude pair to the nearest street. Since property lines do not extend into the street, we provide a small range of matches.
  • Are there any restrictions as to how I use GeoBulk's data? Can I use GeoBulk's data with other products?

    There are no restrictions for how you display, use, or integrate GeoBulk's data into your service or product outside of abuse of GeoBulk's API.
  • What constitutes abuse of GeoBulk's API?

    Signing up for multiple free API keys, accessing the API in such a manner as to reduce the accesibility for other customers, and sending requests for reverse geocodes when you're already beyond your limit will be considered abuse. In these cases, accessing GeoBulk from your location may be limited.